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Thanks for being my Bridesmaid

Before I start the actual wedding day recaps, with all of the pro photos; I wanted to show you the thank you cards I made for all my bridesmaids. I meant to show you when I posted about their gifts, but I had forgotten to take a photo before I sent them. I took a quick couple of shots of Ashleigh's one when we were down visiting.

I bought this clear stamp set from Etsy seller My Cute Stamps as soon as I saw it back in August last year.

(Image from here)

I used the main bridesmaid stamp on the right along with the wording 'Thanks for being my Bridesmaid' on the sparkly paper we used for the rest of the DIY items, which I then stuck onto grey card and then onto the purple folded card. I then used the same purple ribbon we used on the invites and the same grey ribbon we used on the other stationery to add a bit of interest.

I wrote all of their cards the day after the wedding then posted them from Heathrow before we jetted off to Sri Lanka. The boys and our parents did get cards too but I bought theirs, rather than making them.


  1. Those are absolutely adorable. Thanks for linking up to Make It Yourself Monday and also thanks for introducing me to a new etsy love.

  2. Okay, so it doesn't look like she sells this stamp set anymore. Would you be interested in selling it? If so, how much?

  3. They are lovely! I bet your bridesmaids appreciated the person touch with you making them yourself.

  4. Those are so freaking adorable! I am stopping by quickly to say that I am still hear and I will be back soon to catch up with all that you are sharing via your recaps! Can't wait to see everything.


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