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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Getting Ready - The Boys

While the girls were getting ready in Edinburgh, the boys were down at Grahams parents house in Haddington. After the rehearsal they had gone to the pub for a quick drink before all heading back to their own homes, and meeting up again in the morning, once they were all dressed. Once they got to Grahams parents, they put on their buttonholes.

Then it was time for a champagne toast!

Before they left the house, they also took a few group shots as Grahams aunt & uncle had also arrived {Grahams mum & aunt are twins which did confuse some people at the wedding} and also got one of Graham and his parents.

Then it was time for them to get in the car and head to the church.

Once they arrived at the church, they took some portraits of the boys together, before greeting the guests as they were arriving...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Great pictures, and awesome attire!

  2. Photos are gorgeous!he looks just like his mum!

  3. Great photos! They really capture how excited everyone is! Graham's smile never leaves his face, love it! x

  4. They all look so handsome!

  5. Anonymous1/7/10 13:53

    Love these... you very rarely get to see what the boys are up to on the day. We're swithering between two sets of photographers at the moment but both of them will do the 'follow the bride and groom' thing. I so want to see how relaxed or stressed the OH looks on the day ;)

  6. There is nothing hotter than men in kilts. Unless they are men in kilts playing air guitar ;)


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