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2 months!

We've been married for 2 months already!

I am currently in the process of making our thank you cards and trying to decide on our album design. For the cards I have all the materials now; I also have the photos for the front and I'm just waiting on the photo cards to go inside. Although I have printed all the inserts, I have made about 50 {about another 55/60 to go} and have 0 actually written! Hopefully our guests wont mind the delay but I'm really glad I decided to wait to get some pro pics for the front as I think they look great and it will be really nice for the people who couldn't make it to see.

For the album, we got the first draft a couple of weeks ago but since getting our DVD of photos last Saturday, I have spent so long looking at them all & its so hard to decide which ones to include or what to change. Hopefully I will get my ideas / changes finished this weekend so I can send it back to the photographers.

We also had our bridesmaids dress fitting for my bridesmaid Helen's wedding in Italy in August last Saturday so starting to look forward to the next wedding I'm going to be a part of, cant wait, we go to Italy 8 weeks on Sat, and the hen night is in 5 weeks, which we have been planning over the last few weeks. I cant say what we are planning in case the bride reads this but I cant wait for that either!

I promise that my recaps are going to begin in the next few days; I only have one more post to write about the weather in the week leading up to the wedding {there was snow!}, then I'm going to start the recaps with the church rehearsal! I will leave you with another photo in the meantime.

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Anonymous3/6/10 17:04

    2 months already! Wow!!

    (Also re your comment on the herb box, that would be great if you could tell us what they are. We currently have a box full of things growing and we're still like 'what are these?')

  2. Happy anniversary! :) I'll be celebrating mine soon enough!

  3. Happy twomonthaversary! Ah the joy of thank you cards! Break it down and do them in batches - we did them during ad breaks in tv and it is so much more manageable that way!

  4. Happy 2 months!! It's great you have so many nice photos to choose from for your cards.
    Have an amazing time in Italy!


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