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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Getting Ready - Portraits

Once I was downstairs and everyone had seen my dress, it was time for some portraits before we had to leave. Eva had taken the bridesmaids shots when I was upstairs starting to get ready; don't they all look beautiful.

L-R: My sister Ashleigh, Graham's sister Hazel, Lucy,
Helen, Karen-Louise & Georgia

Then it was time for a few of me on my own; in the first one I look SO nervous; I think it was just beginning to hit me then that we were about to leave to go to the church!

We also got a couple of pics with me and my mum & dad {wish we had got one of me & my sis at this point too but the time seemed to go so fast!}.

The cars had arrived by then so once we had collected everything we needed, it was time to get into the cars. The idea was that the bridesmaids car would come up to the drive first, then once they had left, my car would come up to make it easier to get in. So all the bridesmaids and my mum got into the Daimler and we put the umbrella's in the back just in case! I came downstairs to the door at the same time {my parents live in a townhouse so the living room is on the first floor} and waved them all off.

Then it was just me, my dad the Rolls Royce driver left! {At this point, me & my dad had a bit of a teary moment where he told me I looked beautiful and I had to turn away so I wouldnt start balling and ruin my make-up!} In hindsight, and something we only realised when we watched the video of us getting into the cars that their next door neighbour took, was that really I should have gotten into my car first with help from mum and the bridesmaids, rather than them leaving first and me having to struggle slightly with just my dad and the driver! Anyway, I managed to get in with some direction from the driver, then my dad locked up the house, got in the car, then we were on our way!
Of course, while all of this was going on up in Edinburgh, Graham and the boys were getting ready down in Haddington...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Wow lovely piccies. My bridesmaids had the same dresses as yours...great minds think alike! you all look fab

  2. You and your bridesmaids look lovely! I know what you mean about it hitting you that you were about to leave for the church and…get married! I had that reaction once I was in my gown and posing for photos, too! I started to get a little nervous.

  3. Gee, I'm guessing the first bridesmaid in this lineup is your sister? Haha, I thought it was you for a moment, (I've read your blog before, not a weird stalker) and wondered why you were in a purple dress!

  4. Everyone looks so gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!

  5. So elegant. I love it.

  6. So jealous of these pics - my photographer got NONE of these shots.

    Yours are wonderful

  7. I thought the same thing as Amberdawn re your sister.
    Lovely photos!

  8. Eeek such wonderful memories to have of that time. Photos are wonderful, love the bridesmaid dresses.

  9. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

    People often think me and my sister look alike, although we are less alike now than we used to be!

  10. You look stunning, your dress is amazing!! I can't wait for more updates!

  11. Anonymous1/7/10 13:59

    Oh wow, these pics are so fab! Loving the backgrounds to them too - they look elegant and funky at the same time! :)


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