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Where to say I Do...

The ceremony location was probably the easiest and quickest decision we have made so far.

We knew that we wanted to get married in a church and there were only 2 choices - the church in our hometown where I am still a member & was christened at or the church in our city that my parents now attend.

We did visit my parents new church but decided fairly quickly that we would prefer the church that meant something to us both. So we chose the West Church in Haddington since we both used to live (and grew up) in Haddington and since most of Grahams family and some of mine still live there.

West Church
(Image from West Church Website)

So I called and spoke to the minister, who I have known for years (my parents were also elders at this church before they moved), and he pencilled us in for our date which thankfully was still free (despite it being Easter Saturday). We are due to contact him again around August to start thinking about the ceremony and details.