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The search for the perfect dress...Day 4

Saturday 9th May:

The first 3 days had just been me & my mum but my sister came up from London for the last day of shopping.

Caroline Castigliano - All of the dresses in the eighth shop were fabulous and they had quite a big selection. They leave 2 hours for each appointment, rather than the standard 1 hour, which gives you plenty time to try on lots of dresses. When we arrived we were given a glass of wine and the assistant talked about what my day was going to be like and what I wanted for my day. We haven't really thought too much about the exact details of the wedding so I explained that I had already been to loads of dress shops and I knew what shape / style and material I wanted already. I had on 5 different dresses here, 4 the material I wanted and another the assistant wanted me to try which I didn't like.

All the dresses were beautiful, lovely materials and really high quality. There were 2 I liked and 1 favourite which I tried on twice, along with the bolero & veil to match. I cant say too much about what it was like as the dress I have chosen is similar. However, the prices here are too high and I simply couldn't justify paying that much for a dress and all the accessories (all dresses are made to measure which adds to the cost). I also didn't think I could see that much difference from the dress I have chosen so I didn't leave feeling disappointed. Although it might be different if I won the lottery soon! This was definitely the best service we have received as well.

Emma Roy - The ninth shop wasn't very good at all. Although I had an appointment, they didn't seem ready for me. It was so busy as well, with not enough changing rooms for everyone which didn't help. We were told to choose some dresses to try on so we started looking. They did have a large selection here but as I knew exactly what I wanted we started looking for something similar. After a while I honestly couldn't find any that I really wanted to try on and my mum agreed. I didn't want to waste the appointment so we concentrated on finding the shape and style I wanted, rather than the material. I think I knew before trying them on that I wouldn't be back to this shop. I tried on 5 or 6 here and 2 were nice and certainly had the shape I wanted, but they still weren't as nice as my favourite. She noted them down anyway and both dresses were by Maggie Sottero.

Back to Alma Ogilvie - We then went back to try on my favourite dress again. I only tried on the one and my sister agreed that it was definitely the right shape / style & materials for me. After trying it on again and being able to compare it to the others in the morning, I was 99.9% sure that it is the one.

So I have now tried on around 44 / 45 dresses and think that that is all I need to try. I only found 5 I liked in total and since 2 were too expensive and I felt the other 2 were just a bit plain, I think the one I have chosen is the one! Eeeeek!

I am a bit sad that the dress shopping could be finished as I have loved it all and could keep shopping for ages. However I cant start thinking about my other accessories, shoes, flowers or bridesmaids dresses until I have mine so I would like to get it ordered and the deposit paid as soon as possible.

I cant say too much about the dress since Graham and my other bridesmaids could read this blog and I am keeping it a secret from everyone apart from my mum, sister and aunt. All I will say is that it is by Sassi Holford who is a British designer who makes all her dresses in her studio in England. According to my sister it wasn't what she expected me to choose but the dress is beautiful and really girlie!!!

The next step is to take my aunt to see it and ask a few more questions that I forgot to ask last time i.e. how much are alterations? when would be last date to order since im still losing weight? and so on! However, I have had some issues trying to get in contact with the shop and make another appointment, all of which will be explained in the next post.