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I absolutely loved Lego when I was growing up. I spent hours playing with it and I think my favourite was my airport or hospital, although my battery powered monorail was also a front runner! Think mum and dad even kept most of it.

Not long ago, my dad found an article in the Scotsman newspaper describing how a child's choice of toy informed their future career which he kept for me. Unsurprisingly, architects were the most likely to be influenced through toys, with 99% of architects favouring Lego. You can see the full article below:

Online version of Scotsman article
(Image from

In case you are wondering, the whole point of sharing this article (since it has absolutely no relevance to wedding planning), was that as part of his Father's Day present, we got my dad a bit of Lego! In the form of a pair of purple Lego brick cufflinks & a Lego brick stand to keep them on from Etsy seller bitsandbadges. They are so funny and think dad loved them too. Graham also got a black pair & stand for his birthday on Wednesday.

Lego Brick Cufflinks with Stand
(Images from bitsandbadges)