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The dress search continues...

I have been trying to make another appointment at the original shop I found my dress at for a couple of weeks. Helen had been trying to make an appointment a while ago and could never get through on the phone which I thought was a bit odd. I did manage to get through to them on 28th May and was told that they were getting some work done in the shop in the next couple of weeks and they weren't taking any appointments. So that seemed to explain the issue with the phones.

I tried again on Monday this week and again, the phone number wouldn't work, it just kept saying 'this number doesn't receive incoming calls'. Talked about it with mum who agreed it seemed a bit strange and maybe we should go past the shop. The same thing happened on Tuesday, so I drove past on my way home from work. There wasn't much life in the shop (to be expected if it's getting re-fitted) but there were a couple of paper signs on the windows saying 'Bridal Enquiries; Rachel Scott Couture' and their contact no. Rachel Scott Couture is another Edinburgh bridal store that I hadn't gone to during my original search.

I checked both websites when I got home and nothing was mentioned. However, Rachel Scott is now listed as a stockist for both Sassi Holford & Alan Hannah, both designers that Alma Ogilvie stocked (this was definitely a new addition as there were no dresses or information shown, just a link to websites). So I was quite glad I had never ordered the dress already as I can imagine there would have been some confusion! (This also reminds me that we have yet to get any wedding insurance!)

I left a message with Rachel on Tuesday and spoke to her yesterday. Turns out the woman from the original shop is retiring and Rachel has taken on some of the designer ranges. I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow at 12pm which I'm now really excited about. I'm going to try on my favourite dress again and possibly a few others from other designers, like Stewart Parvin, that I haven't seen before. Hopefully by the end of Saturday I will either have ordered my dress or know exactly which one & when im going to order it.

The search continues...