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Bridal party

For our bridal party I have 5 adult bridesmaids and a flowergirl / junior bridesmaid while Graham has his best man and 2 ushers. We knew almost straight away who we would ask to be involved in our wedding and we wanted to include lots of our family & friends.

My bridesmaids are my sister Ashleigh (who will be chief bridesmaid), Grahams sister Hazel, & my 3 best friends from school, Lucy, Helen & Karen-Louise. My flowergirl, Georgia, is a family friend who I used to babysit a few years ago and who's mum is friends with my mum.

Grahams best man is his cousin Andrew and his ushers are his sisters boyfriend Jake and my cousin Murray.

Me, Murray & Ashleigh

Me, Helen, Karen-Louise & Lucy

Hazel & Jake

Andrew & Graham

I was a bridesmaid at Karen-Louise's wedding in July 2005 (almost 4 years ago!) and I am also going to be a bridesmaid at Helen's wedding in August 2010 in Italy, only 4 months after our wedding. I cant wait to be part of Helen's big day and it is great having someone else to talk about wedding plans with that wont get bored!

Both my sister, Ashleigh, and Lucy are pregnant just now with Lucy due in July and my sis in September. So we have plenty to look forward to this year and I'm so excited about being an auntie!

{Edited on Thursday, 30 July 2009 to add the picture of Graham & Andrew}