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We had a lovely visit to London last weekend to help celebrate my sisters engagement. The weather was fantastic so we took advantage of the sun (since we don't see it enough in Edinburgh) and had lunch and some drinks in a pub beer garden before heading home to change and have a glass of champagne to celebrate before going out for a lovely Italian for dinner.
L-R: Graham; dad; mum; Patrick; Ashleigh L-R: Ashleigh; mum; Patrick; Graham; dad

L-R: Me; Ashleigh; mum

We also managed to fit some baby shopping in on Sunday before we left. Mum and dad wanted to buy them their pram and we wanted to get them a moses basket when we were down so that its here in plenty time for the baby!

We haven't got any plans to head back down over the rest of the summer, and we will be quite busy with wedding planning over the next couple of months, so the next time I see them, I will be an auntie! Its so exciting and I cant wait to meet my niece or nephew.