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Love is in the air...

My sister Ashleigh and her boyfriend (well, now her fiance) Patrick got engaged on Friday night.

He proposed at home, after asking my dad last week, then took her out to her favourite restaurant in London. I think it completely took her by surprise which was lovely and the ring looks fabulous!

Congratulations guys, I'm so happy and so so excited for you both. Cant wait to celebrate with you when we come down*.

With the baby on the way, the wedding will take a backseat for the time being. However, it means I will have another wedding to keep myself occupied with when ours has passed. I can already foresee plenty trips to London to go dress shopping (and to see my niece or nephew, of course).

The next couple of years are going to be so busy!

*Which, as it turns out is now going to be this weekend. Mum & dad were going to be driving down on Saturday anyway, but we have convinced them to leave on Friday after work. This means we can tag along and should arrive Saturday lunchtime before flying back on Sunday night. Looking forward to a weekend of celebrating and I'm sure we will be able to fit some baby shopping in too!