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The search for the perfect dress...Day 3

Sunday 3rd May:

Ivory Whites - The seventh shop was really nice, and is situated on a private estate. I had originally met the owner at the wedding fair at Norton House. They didn't have a huge selection but as I had already narrowed down to what I wanted, this wasn't a problem. I tried on 3 dresses, by Lyn Ashworth & Ritva Westenius, and the first 2 were lovely. The 3rd, although the material was nice, was a slightly different shape which just didn't look as good so the owner didn't even bother doing the back up. I took the details of the first 2 and they went into the favourites pile. They also stocked some nice veils and tiaras, which is worth remembering for the future. The owner was lovely here and I would have loved to have found my dress here, however I will definitely be back to look at their bridesmaids dresses.

So now have tried on 33 dresses.