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The search for the perfect dress...Day 2

Saturday 2nd May:

Kavelle - The fourth shop had a big selection and was run by a lovely family who were really nice and friendly. I tried on a variety of styles here, including some that I hadn't tried already, but discounted most of them, which I guess was kind of the point. This was the only shop which had decent sample sizes which meant I could get into most of them and some were even too big. I tried on another 5 dresses here, some more by Pronovias, and they gave me plenty of accessories to try on as well. My favourite dress from here, although lovely, was so so heavy and there is no way I could have kept it on all day.

Pretty Woman - I wasn't as impressed with the fifth shop as I thought I would be. I'm not sure what I expected but I used to live near this shop and passed by it daily and always thought the dresses would be nicer. They did have a good selection and they stocked some dresses in more than one size which was also helpful. Again, I tried on 5 dresses in different materials and styles, including a halterneck dress which didn't look good on me at all. I wasn't keen on any of the dresses here, I liked bits of each but not one particular dress. This was the only shop where I didn't note any details down. The assistant did suggest that I come back in July when they have newer stock but I knew I didn't want to wait that long.

Butterflies - The sixth shop was really busy when we arrived but it gave me a chance to look at all the dresses and decide which ones to try on. I mainly stuck to the style I wanted but tried to look at different details here. However I did try on the big fairytale princess dress, just to see what it looked like. It was a little too big for me though, would have been hard to get near anyone on the day or sit down! I had 7 dresses on in total and did have a favourite, by Jonathan James, but it wasn't as nice as the one from day 1. I also felt that all 3 shops from today were fairly similar.

So now that had been another 17 dresses (30 dresses in total) and none anywhere near my first favourite!