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Since we haven't got our DVD of photos yet, I'm going to start the wedding recaps with all of the other DIY items we made & the other stuff we bought for the wedding. I intended to show everything before the wedding but I ran out of time to write blog posts in the last week!

As well as the table plan & table names to direct everyone to their table, which I showed you here, we also had placecards for everyone.

I made the placecards before I made the table names & table plan and I mentioned before how I made the design similar so that they would all tie together.

Each person's name was printed and cut out of the sparkly paper then each name was punched along the top and ribbon added along the bottom. The paper was then stuck onto grey backing card before being stuck onto one side of the purple folded placecard, which we bought pre-cut & pre-scored from PDA.

Once I had figured out how to print all the names the right size on the A4 sheet of paper and cut them, all of the grey card and the ribbon, it didn't take too long to put them all together. I did have lots of help from my parents to stick them all together.

Once they were all made we put them into piles for each table, in the order people were sitting to make it easier for the venue, then tied them in their bundles with extra grey ribbon. I used my new name on my placecard for the first time which was weird to see {please excuse the smudgy bit!}


  1. So cute! Love the city scape and the colors! And what a great tip about tying them in order for the venue.

  2. They look great! The purple ribbon is a pretty touch, and the skyline is fresh and modern.

  3. Wonderful! The purple ribbon and frest and modern touch are OK

  4. Anonymous10/5/10 20:09

    It's all so professional! I'll be coming to you for tips when it's my turn.

    I especially love the cityscape placenames.

  5. That looks like a lot of work but they look fabulous! I totally love them.

  6. These are so fantastic


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