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Parents Gifts

We also got gifts for our parents to say thank you for helping us with the wedding. Like the gifts we got our wedding party, we also wanted them to be things they could use at the wedding.

Our dads both got the same hip flask that the best man and ushers got, along with miniatures of Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky, as its one of my dads favourites.

I know its traditional to give the mums flowers but we decided against that for a few reasons; there would already be loads of flowers from the centrepieces that we would could give them, what would they do with them at the hotel on the day and mostly because it wasn't something they could keep.

Since I loved the girls bags so much I decided to get another 2 made for our mums too. I kept the gunmetal grey satin as its really lovely but got the lining in black satin and the frills in black chiffon; so that they were different from the bridesmaids and also black goes with anything! I got their initials put on them too.

Obviously the grey & black bags didn't go with the outfits our mums were wearing at the wedding so we also got them a perfume atomiser from Ortak that they could use on the day.

(Image from here)
Hopefully they all liked their gifts and they they can use them on other occasions.


  1. I have absolutely no idea what to get our parents for a gift. I'll have to think of something eventually but for now, I am drawing a total blank! I think I may just do the simple album of pictures for them most likely. But that just doesn't seem like enough.

  2. They're all awesome gifts!! The hip flask is such a great idea too since it goes so well with the Scottish kilt suits the guys were wearing.

  3. I love everything you gave everyone! Useful, fun, and thoughtful!

  4. Great choices! We're still thinking...


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