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Busy Wedding Week

Just before I start my recaps, one of the last things I wanted to tell you about was what I was up to the week before the wedding. I ended up being busy every single day and the week involved lots of shopping for last minute stuff; I think I was at Ocean Terminal, my local shopping centre, every day!

Sunday 28th March:
Honeymoon shopping in Edinburgh {sunglasses, sun hat, 2 dresses, 2 tops, a skirt, 3 books & a DS game}.

Monday 29th March:
Picked up our marriage schedule; had lunch with bridesmaid Lucy; some shopping {pens for guestbook, plastic wallets for the stuff for each table, toothbrush, tissues & contact lens drops for honeymoon, glue pens, blotting tissues & underwear}; ordered a couple of umbrella's {post to follow about the terrible weather all week} and had a meeting at our venue. {While we were at the venue, we also booked to stay on the Sunday night too, rather than having to come home before we left for honeymoon on the Monday.}

Tuesday 30th March:
Spoke to the car company; had lunch with a friend; guest book DIY; made lists of the people at each table for the venue & the weather got worse!

Wednesday 31st March:
Packed up everything for the venue {the placecards, menu's, table plan, table names, our G&G letters & the Lego bride & groom}; got my eyebrows & lip threaded; had lunch with my aunt; more shopping {trousers for honeymoon & a top for the morning of the wedding}; picked up Ashleigh & Enzo at the station {late because of all the rain} then had dinner at mums with my other aunt & uncle who had come over from Australia for the wedding.

Thursday 1st April:
Finished the last bit of the guest book; Ashleigh got her eyebrows threaded; more shopping {dress for lunch on the Sunday, more underwear & the mums atomisers}; we delivered everything to the venue then packed for the wedding / honeymoon.

Friday 2nd April:
Made a quick list of all our suppliers & their contact details {to give to the best man & ushers at the rehearsal; had a quick lunch with mum, dad, Ashleigh & Enzo; went for a manicure & pedicure then the final bits of shopping {wellies & spare stockings}!

Then we just had time to come home, get changed for the rehearsal and pack the last of the stuff I needed for the next day. I dropped off my stuff at mums then headed down to the church in Haddington.

It was all about to begin!


  1. Sounds like a mad week! I work near OT and am there to get lunch pretty much every day – we might have gone past each other that week! ;)

  2. Sounds busy busy. You were so organised! Looking forward to the recaps :)

  3. Oft it sounds like a busy week. Bring on the recaps!


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