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Order of Service

Another of our DIY items were the order of service's for the church ceremony. We made these before the menu's, which followed their design; the only difference was that the order of service had more text inside.

The order of service was printed onto the sparkly paper and the 4 corners were punched with the Fiskars drops punch. We just used one sheet of paper, which we had bought pre-cut from PDA {it was such a time saver the buy the paper pre-cut, even though it was more expensive, as we just had to print & then fold}. We printed the sheet double sided to fit everything on so that we only had one sheet to attach to the tall purple card, which were the same as those used for the menu's.

Inside we had a title page then wrote the full ceremony order, with the hymn titles & readings, on the second page. The third & fourth pages had the words to the 3 hymns, the sung blessing wording and the names of the full bridal party at the end.

For the front we used the small squares again with 'Order of Service' and the wedding date on them. To hold the paper inside, rather than using glue which would have meant the last page wouldn't have opened fully, we punched mini holes in the middle of the card and the paper, at the top and bottom. The thin grey ribbon was then threaded through both the card and paper and tied into a bow on the outside.

I think we ended up making around 95 orders, definitely enough for 1 for every guest, with a few extras. We also printed 30 of just the insert sheets, at the ministers suggestion, to have at the church for everyone who would turn up to watch the service {we already knew there would be a few as we know lots of people at the church and lots of my mum and aunts friends were going to come down as well}. We didn't need them all on the day but it was better to have too many than not enough. Graham and I shared one during the service, again at the ministers suggestion, since I already had my flowers to hold!

I got lots of help from mum and dad to put these together as well. It meant that once I had printed everything and the card had been folded, one person could fold the paper, one could punch the corners while the other punched the holes. Then we could move on the one tied the ribbon, one stuck the squares on and the other re-folded. I used my bone folder on each completed order so that they wouldn't pop open as easy. We packaged up all of the orders and took them all down to the church at the rehearsal the night before. Since no one was going to be using the church that evening, we were able to leave them there and place the orders for the bridesmaids, best man, ushers & our parents at the seats at the front of the church.


  1. These look great, as did your menus. They look good and sturdy. I was thinking of doing fan-style programs for my summer wedding, but these seem like they'd be more durable for fanning even if they don't look fan-ish.


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