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As well as the table names & placecards, each table also had 3 menu's so that everyone could see what we were going to eat. The menu's followed the design of the order of service's which I have yet to show you.

The menu was printed onto the sparkly paper then I used the Fiskars drops punch that we bought in the states, on each corner. Each menu sheet was then stuck inside tall purple cards, which we bought pre-cut and pre-scored from PDA.

For the outer decoration I made small squares, like on the invite bellybands, just using grey card and sparkly paper, with 'Wedding Breakfast Menu' and the wedding date. Mini holes were then punched in the middle of the card, at both the top and bottom, and thin grey ribbon was threaded through then tied into a bow on the outside.

We only had to make 30 of these so they didn't take as long as any of the other DIY items. My parents did help with these too which it made it much easier as one person punched the corners, one stuck & the other tied the ribbon. The menu's were put beside the bundle of placecards for the table.


  1. I'm not sure if you are a maniac or an inspiration. Where oh where did you find the energy to do all of this. I'm of course bookmarking all of these posts so that I can make so lame-ass'd attempt at recreating something similar. Currently have the invitations locked in the spare rooms as I'm too scared to make a start. Eek 11 weeks to go for me!


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