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Task complete!

I posted all of our evening invites after work today!

The completed invites

I finished most of the parts at the weekend when my parents came round again to help. I ran out of glue at the end so I finished the ribbon bellybands and envelope printing last night before assembling and stamping them all. There were only 24 invites so it didn't take too long to assemble. So now all of our invites are out and people should start receiving these ones on Thursday. I think almost everyone, apart from our international guests, have received the invites we sent last week so I'm almost ready to show you how they turned out.

Boxed & ready to post

Now its on to the placecards and favour boxes which mum and I are going to start next Monday when we are both off work. I have already ordered everything we need for them and the supplies should all arrive this week.


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