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2 months to go!

Eeeeek, only 2 months to go! {since February is so short, its only 59 days!}

So we have made lots of progress this month which is great and means we have managed to cross off some items on our to do list. Our biggest achievement was getting the day invites posted on Monday. I just heard from my aunt and the minister that theirs arrived today! I'm now working on the evening invites and have already printed 12 and probably have another 15 to do. I am going to finish them this weekend.

Otherwise, I booked the hairdressers, got ribbon for the favour boxes and order of service, decided on our hymns and I just spoke to the minister and arranged to meet him on the 17th February. I have also started filling in the marriage notice forms which we will send to the registrar next week. We managed to get my mums outfit, Graham was able to try his kilt on, I got my shoes and we picked up and paid for our wedding rings. Apart from that we had a meeting at our venue, paid more of our venue cost, paid for the rest of the honeymoon and the bridesmaids dresses. We also chose gifts for our gift list which will be available to our guests from the 20th of this month.

This month I'm concentrating on the evening invites first then will start working on the order of service', table plan design, table names, placecards and the favour boxes. I would also like to find my other accessories and jewellery as well as getting wraps & accessories for the bridesmaids. I'm also hoping to finally get time to write all the posts recapping all the events over the last few months; including the Cotswold's, the Christening, Florida, Christmas & all the wedding items we managed to accumulate during this time!


  1. Congrats! :) The time will fly by!

  2. yea for getting things ticked off the list. O gets really grumpy every time I tell him how many days we have left - 170 days! Can't imagine how 2 months to go will feel. x


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