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My dress has arrived!

Yippee, my dress has arrived in the shop! I cant wait to see it again and be able to put on a dress that actually {hopefully} fits!

I called the dress shop at lunchtime today to make appointments for my bridesmaids to get fitted. As we were discussing dates and times, Rachel said that my dress had just arrived the day before so we should also make an appointment for me to go in and see it. I'm really glad I got my shoes already as I will need to take them with me when I go. I have a couple of days off work in February so I have made an appointment on the 16th to go in and see then try on my dress! My mum is off work that week too so she will be able to come with me. Then I will make other appointments at the seamstress to get any alterations done.

We did manage to make appointments for all of the bridesmaids fittings as well. For their first fittings, Helen is going to go on the 24th February; Lucy, Karen-Louise & Hazel on the 27th, then Ashleigh on the 12th March. Following that, the alterations will be done and they are all going to go on the 13th for their 2nd fittings which means I will be able to see them all dressed together for the first time. Luckily, since Ashleigh is currently away in Australia and wont get back until March, since she will only be in Edinburgh for 6 nights {as that's when we are also having the hen weekend}, the seamstress has said she will do the first fitting one day, make any changes, then have it ready for the next morning which is very good of her. I'm so excited to be able to see the bridesmaids dresses when I go and see my dress.


  1. This is exciting! Hope you can take pics!

  2. How exciting! Can’t wait to see pictures! :)

  3. Excellent news, it is all coming together - exciting!

  4. Yea!! My dress arrived too but I'm leaving it in the shop for a lil while longer. Remember to bring your camera!! :)


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