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Rings, gifts, jewellery & the spa!

We started our weekend on Friday night by attempting to decide what we would like to try at our tasting at Norton House next week. We are also trying to decide which wine, canapes and evening buffet selection to offer, which is also easier said than done. We need to let our coordinator know but Tuesday so will definitely need to decide tomorrow.

On Saturday we went back to John Lewis to have a look at a couple of items that we had added to our gift list online, just to check we liked them; we also met the friends of ours who are getting married in France doing their list at the same time. Since we were in the St James Centre we also had a look in some other shops including Accessorize where I managed to find a hair slide/comb that could be a possibility for the bridesmaids. It has rhinestones on it which would tie in with the rhinestone buttons on the back of their dresses. I bought one which I will take with me on Tuesday when we go and see the dresses {and I try on mine!} If its suitable, I can easily go back and get 4 more but if not, its also easy enough to return it.

Following that we dropped our rings off at the jewellers to get engraved. We weren't sure what to get engraved at first, we just knew we wanted our wedding date and some form of our names or initials. However, the decision was made for us when we discovered that we could only fit the date & our initials on my ring due to the back of the diamonds and the hallmark. So we are getting "03.04.10" and "G & G" which was what first thought about. They should take 2 weeks until we can pick them up, when I am also going to get my ring valued.

While we were at the jewellers we also had a quick look at some princess cut diamond stud earrings, which Graham may buy me for a wedding present. We saw some gorgeous ones but decided to wait until I see my dress again on Tuesday and I can decide what type of earring I would like to wear on the day. Of course, I am also going to get Graham a present and he has always wanted a Tag Heuer watch so we popped in to the other jewellers opposite, Laings, to have a look since they have a large watch gallery. Although he thought he knew exactly which one he wanted, once he had tried on a few, I think he almost completely changed his mind! We got a list of his favourites and will probably go back next weekend to purchase one once he has decided.

We finished off the day with a lovely Italian meal then came home and opened a bottle of rose champagne that we had got for Christmas.

Then today we spent the afternoon at the spa at Norton House having the afternoon tea experience that Graham bought us both for Christmas. It included a back, neck and shoulder massage and afternoon tea and I also had a facial since I had a voucher from my sister for Christmas too. The massage and facial were fantastic and so relaxing and it was lovely to spend time using the spa pool, sauna and steam room as well. I'm considering having another couple of facials before the wedding, if I can fit them in, and we got some 15% off vouchers today which should help!

Tonight I made some mock-ups of the placecards and an example of the favour box decoration in preparation for the next couple of days when mum and I are going to attempt some wedding tasks as I have some time off work {providing my stationery order arrives tomorrow!} Hope you all had a lovely weekend and valentines day too. Although we had decided not to do anything since we already had the spa booked and planned, I did get some lovely roses from Graham too!


  1. Oh seriously where do you get your energy from, I'm so shattered at the end of the week the thought of spending all weekend on the wedding kills me! You are my idol! Yay for spa days and back massages, hope you were fully chilled and Graham enjoyed himself too. Not many men who understand the joy of the spa day.


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