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Another productive weekend!

Lots going on this weekend again!

After managing to have a long lie on Saturday morning we headed into town to get Grahams watch, which is his wedding gift from me. They didn't have it in stock but they ordered it for us and it should be in a week or so. We looked in a few other jewellers for bridesmaids jewellery but i decided that I would just go with my original choice from an Etsy seller {which I ordered on Sunday} as I couldn't find anything suitable that was sterling silver.

Graham was heading out with his best man in the evening so I headed round to mums to start working on the order of service layout by copying out the words of the hymns. We met the minister back on Wednesday evening and he was really happy with our hymn choices and we went through when they should come in the service and the order of the rest of the ceremony. We made a couple of drafts and now I'm going to start printing them out to check the size and layout works ok on the page. Mum decided which bible reading she is going to do and I also found a possibility for our other reader, Grahams uncle. Mum found the garter she had on her wedding day so im going to use it for my something borrowed {now I just need to fully decide on my old & blue as think im covered with the new!}

On Sunday we went down to the church in the morning to arrange a time for our flowergirl Georgia to try on her dress again and so we can go and get her shoes. We are going to go next Sunday which will still give us time to buy another dress if it doesn't fit. We had coffee and lunch with my aunt and some friends of my parents before going back to catch up with Grahams parents.

On the way back home I went into Accessorize to get a brooch and headband for Georgia and to look for a gift for her as well. Back at mums I cut out the last bits to make the remaining seals for the favour boxes which are now all complete. My parents were brilliant and got most of them done last week when they were off and they are now all sitting in their cool garage. I also managed to order jewellery for the bridesmaids to wear and a funny gift for our best man and ushers which rounded off a productive weekend.

L-R: Accessorize Crystal Brooch; Crystal Alice Band
(Images from here & here)

This week is really busy with wedding stuff as well as we have our food & wine tasting at Norton House tomorrow evening; Helen is going for her 1st fitting of her bridesmaids dress on Wednesday; Thursday we are going to meet our photographers then on Saturday Hazel, Lucy & Karen-Louise are having their 1st fittings!


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done! That brooch is so pretty!

  2. busy busy busy. Pretty sparkly stuff.


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