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1st dress fitting!

I went to Rachel Scott yesterday morning to see my dress for the first time since it arrived a couple of weeks ago. Rachel had it hanging up ready for when I got there. It was so exciting getting to see my actual dress and being able to try on my dress that actually fitted me {well its a teeny bit big but you know what I mean}. It was also exactly as I remembered and how I expected it to look. The additional item I got made is also beautiful and looks great with the dress since it matches exactly. Although it was expensive I'm so glad I decided to go for it as I would never have been able to find one that matched or looked as good. I took my shoes with me as well so I could see what it all looked like together and I'm so pleased with it all. My mum did take a couple of pictures so we can remember what its like and show my sister but sorry to say I'm not going to share them on here. I don't want Graham or my other bridesmaids or family to see it before the day. I looked at different veils while I had the dress on and I think I have almost decided which one I want, so I will need to call Rachel in the next couple of days to get it ordered. She did say that it should only take 1-2 weeks so I still have plenty time.

Rachel called the seamstress while I was there to see when I could go down to look at the alterations {the dress does need taken in at the back, top and the hem} and luckily she had a spare appointment right then. Once I took my lovely dress off we packaged it up and headed down to the seamstress in a taxi. Once there I put the dress back on again and she pinned the areas on the bodice that need altered. I am going to go back on the 2nd of March to check the alterations are ok and from there we will look at the hem length and possible bustles before I return for a 3rd fitting in the middle of march.

Once we left the seamstress and I had a better idea of how the dress looked, I wanted to look for a tiara. We started on a tour of loads of places to buy tiara's including a specialist tiara shop called Rene Walrus then Butterflies, Debenhams, Berketex, Pretty Woman & Emma Roy. I did find one in Butterflies, which was the second place we looked, but as usual I wanted to make sure I couldn't find anything else before I ordered it. So our last stop of the day was back at Butterflies to get it ordered. The sales assistant at first mentioned that it could be 4-6 weeks till it arrived but once I explained the wedding is in just over 6 weeks she then said it should actually be there in 2-3 weeks which should be fine and hopefully I can have it before my hair trial which I'm hoping to move to the 12th of March! The tiara I chose is by Warren York and has pearls and crystals on it.

Pearl Tiara 4385
(Image from here)

We also managed to achieve a few other things yesterday as well. At the dress shop we checked that the hair comb I bought for the bridesmaids looks ok with their dresses, which we also had a look at and they also look great, I love the colour. I managed to find grey pashmina's for the girls in case its cold on the day and also an ivory one for our flowergirl. We bought Easter eggs for the kids favours since Thorntons were doing 2 for 1 and we also got their names on each one. The older kids got milk chocolate and we got white chocolate ones for the younger ones. Last night I also finalised the hymns we want and made a list of things we need to check / ask the minister when we meet him tonight.

While I was off work on Monday we also got started on putting together the favours after buying all the Lindt mini eggs and gold bunnies that Morrisons had in stock. We finished 32 of them and they are now sitting in my parents garage, along with the kids eggs. Only another 68 to go! We also put the flowergirl's dress in for dry cleaning and picked it up yesterday and I'm pleased to say it looks great. Unfortunately the sash dying didn't work. Well the dying did but its just the wrong colour so we are now going with the purple ribbon sash plan instead. My stationery order arrived on Monday as well so once we finalise the service with the minister we can get started on the order of service'. We have made a first attempt at where people will be sitting during dinner but its going to need lots of moving around. In the meantime I can at least start making the placecards and table names.


  1. Wow! Your tiara is gorgeous! I love it.

  2. Sounds like you have everything under-control and moving along nicely! So curious to see you in the dress now :)

  3. Oh the excitement. It's all coming together.

    P.S. When I read you had finished 32 gold bunnies I thought you had eaten them all!


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