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Busy busy bees!

We had a really busy weekend, which was, of course, all wedding related! Every minute I was in the flat, when I wasn't eating or sleeping, I was progressing with the invites, however, we did manage to get out and do other things!

We started off on Saturday with a meeting with our coordinator at our venue. We ran through what was going to happen on the day, the approximate timings and what will happen next. We were able to confirm which tiers of the cake they should cut and which tier they should keep and we also discussed getting a piper to play when the guests arrive and when we go into the room for dinner, which they are going to provide a quote for. We will have a tasting at the end of the month or the start of march to choose both our menu and our wine. We are also choosing to upgrade our package to include canapes when the guests arrive, champagne for the toasts and better wine. Before we have the tasting we will need to decide what to offer for the evening buffet and whether we want to add any additional courses to the meal. We also took the chance to give them our other suppliers contact details, including the photographer, band, florist, cake maker & chair cover supplier.

We went into the spa afterwards to book a date for our afternoon tea spa day that Graham had got me for Christmas. We are going on Sunday 14th February and I am so looking forward to it. The day includes use of all the facilities, a back, neck & shoulder massage and then afternoon tea. I also got a voucher to use at the spa from my sister for Christmas so I also booked a second treatment for myself, a lovely facial. I have taken the 15th & 16th off work to tackle some more wedding projects with my mum so this will be a lovely relaxing start to the week.

Following this we had to pop into HobbyCraft to buy yet more glue tape pens for the invites, before going to the kilt shop so Graham could try on his kilt. It all fits well and he was also able to choose his sporran while we were there. The kilt straps need to be fixed, which should be done this week, then we can go and pick it up, along with the dress shirt & tartan flashes that we are waiting to arrive. We paid for the rest of the outfit while we were there and brought home the items we could including his jacket, waistcoat, sporran, shoes, bow tie, socks and flashes.

On Sunday we went to John Lewis to start compiling our Gift List that we set up back in November and ended up being there for over 5 hours! On our way up to the gift list department I managed to get myself a dress for my hen night in the coast sale, for just £45, reduced from £150. We got vouchers for Christmas from both Grahams parents and his sister so I used my half for the dress. I have found all the sales to be fab this year so far! {I also managed to get 3 silk skirts in Jenners last Thursday for just £36.} I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to wear with the dress yet but I have plenty time to decide or find other accessories.

Coast Vivie D/S Colour Block Bandeau Dress
(Images from Coast)

Then we went to get our scanners to start compiling our gift list. Of course we had to stop for lunch first and used the time to have a look through the catalogue. I think we managed to add most things we were looking for but we can add or remove anything online if we change our minds of think of anything else.


  1. Love the dress! Fun colors!

  2. Oh I really like that dress lovely colours! Jealous of the spa days hmmm, might need to schedule some of those.

  3. oh, i wish americans called it a "hen night!" sounds much cuter than "bachelorette." your dress is very fun!

  4. Ooo love the dress. The colours are delicious!


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