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2010: My year in review

2010 has been a fabulous year; I'm not sure 2011 will come anywhere close! Inspired by both R & Laura, I thought I would recap the highlights!

A busy month of wedding planning.

We posted our wedding invites & I had my first dress fitting.

I got made redundant!
Then I had my fantastic hen weekend!

Before I managed to get a new job in amongst tons of DIY!

We got Married!

Then we went on honeymoon to Sri Lanka & the Maldives, where we got stranded because of the volcanic ash cloud, finally getting home 5 days later than planned!

My blog turned 1.

Graham turned 29.
I started my wedding recaps.

Helen had her hen do.

R & O got married.

We went to Italy for a week.

While there, I was a bridesmaid at Helen's wedding followed by their UK reception.

Then I met some lovely bloggers for the first time.

I made my sisters wedding invites & my nephew turned 1.

We spent a week in the Norfolk Broads with my family.

Rebecca & James got married.

I finally finished my wedding recaps and started the ones from our honeymoon!
My sister had her hen do in London.

Anna & Bean got married.

I turned 29.
We went to Florida with Graham's family & his sister got engaged.

My sister got married & I was her bridesmaid!

Then it was Christmas!

2010 was full of weddings, hen do's & holidays!

In 2011, while I don't think we will have as much excitement, have as many weddings or manage four holidays again; we will have our anniversary then our 30th's to look forward to!

Hopefully I will have a lot more time to catch up with all the recaps I still have to write including our honeymoon, Italy, Florida & my sisters wedding! My sister-in-law Hazel also asked me to be a bridesmaid over Christmas so plenty of excitement to look forward too although their wedding wont be until 2012.


  1. Your 2010 was amazing!! I'm sure 2011 will be equally as fab! x

  2. Happy 2011! Loved reading your catch up.

  3. Wow, that was quite a year with a lot of fun! Have a fantastic 2011!!

  4. Anonymous14/1/11 16:23

    What a wedding and holiday-tastic year! :D Here's to a fab 2011 (it's going to be parties instead!)


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