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Christmas Blog Swap 2010

This year {well last year now!} I participated in a Christmas Blog Swap, which was organised by Lisa-Marie from This Girl Is... I was very excited about the idea of a swap and signed up straight away. We had to send a parcel which included a Christmas card, a bought decoration, something baked and finally something festive & handmade. I was paired with the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium who was kind enough to wait till I got back from holiday to complete the swap.

My parcel {which was decorated with a doilies & lace tape} arrived on Monday 20th December and included chocolate oat cookies, a Christmas candle, homemade aromatherapy bath bombs, two Christmas decorations, an indoor sparkler and a lovely handmade Christmas card. I loved opening my surprise package and cant wait to use the lovely goodies. The cookies have already been eaten and the decorations are on the tree.

For my part of the swap I sent Elizabeth a handmade Christmas card, a mickey mouse tree decoration, rocky road bars in cupcake cases, hand stamped gift tags and finally some Christmas handmade wine glass charms.

Elizabeth wrote a lovely post about the swap and if you head on over there you can also see photos of the card and decoration I sent. I'm so glad Elizabeth loved all of the goodies.

I loved taking part in the swap and hope we can do it again this year too, thank you Lisa-Marie for organising it all.


  1. What a fun idea! It looks like it came together beautifully.

  2. So glad you enjoyed your swap pressies. Thank you again for mine. It was so much fun!

    Happy New Year.


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