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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Flowers

Time for the details of the flowers. The flowers were really the main thing that we had no control over. I chose what flowers we wanted and the style but its the only thing you don't see complete until the day. I didn't need to worry though as Val Hamilton was brilliant and did everything as we discussed. I showed the church flowers in my rehearsal post; they were not done by the florist, but by the women from the church that we have known for years.

My bouquet was made up of a single flower, purple Vanda Orchids with some greenery and pearls mixed in. The stem was wrapped in ivory satin. I chose not to throw my bouquet at the wedding, but instead my parents took it to my grandparents grave while we were on our honeymoon. I don't think anyone noticed at the time that I never threw it, or they never mentioned it if they did.

The bridesmaids bouquets were a mixture of purple Tulips, lime green Viburnum, ivory Bouvardia and assorted greenery. The stems were wrapped in purple satin to match their dresses. They all took them home with them the next day.

We got buttonholes for all of the guys in the bridal party, both of our dads and my sisters fiance, who actually ended up taking the buttonholes from my parents house in Edinburgh to Grahams parents in Haddington. I didn't want to get the traditional thistle as I knew that loads of our guests in kilts would wear them. I did want Graham to be a little different than the others so he had a purple Vanda Orchid to match my bouquet while the other guys had smaller ivory Orchids.

Both of our mums wanted handbag flowers so they wouldn't ruin their outfits with pins. I actually took their bags to the florist the last time I met her and they were then delivered with the rest of the flowers on the wedding day. My mum had a pink Calla Lily while Grahams mum had white Freesias.

The flowers on the top table were arranged into 3 low cube vases. They were a mixture of purple Tulips, lime green Viburnum and purple Singapore Orchids with assorted greenery. The flowers in the centre of all of the guests tables were also purple Tulips, lime green Viburnum, ivory and purple Singapore Orchids, with assorted greenery in tall thin glass vases.

(The image of the guest table flowers on the right is from Grahams sister Hazel)

The florist had arranged all of the flowers so that they could be easily lifted out of the vases and given to people. We left them all in the evening then gave them out then next day at the lunch we had at the hotel.

(Both colour ballroom images above are from my parents)

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders, unless otherwise noted)


  1. Your flowers were so pretty! I love that you had them made into bouquets so that people could easily take them home!

  2. All beautiful, as always! Your bouquet is just stunning, and I agree that it was an awesome idea to give small bouquets away to people the next day.

  3. The flowers were just the colors!

  4. Love the colours (obviously!)and the orchids are sooo pretty.

  5. The bridesmaids bouquets are really pretty, and I think it is so sweet your parents took your bouquet to your grandparents' grave.

    Love the purple!

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