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7 months!

7 months married today which means only 1 month until we go to Florida!

This last month has been quite busy again too; after a weekend in Sheffield we spent a week in Norfolk with my family {it was lovely except for a bit of food poisoning me and mum got}, Ive been planning my sisters hen do then last weekend my sister was up for more wedding preparations and we had lunch at our venue.

You will be pleased to know that I have almost finished my wedding recaps, there is just one more post about the day after then I can tell you about our fabulous honeymoon!

This month we have lots happening as well; we have lots of birthdays, another blogger meet planned in Glasgow, I'm going to be taking part in a Christmas blog swap, getting ready to go on holiday and more plans for my sisters wedding including a few more invites and their order of service.

Its my sisters hen do in London on the 20th so I'm looking forward to that and hoping that she will like what I have planned!

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Where are you going to in Florida?

  2. Hi Hannah, we are going to Orlando for 8 nights; Harry Potter Land, Epcot & Mickey's Xmas Party here we come!

  3. Lots of exciting things going on for you! Sorry to hear about the food poisoning tho!

  4. Happy 7 month anniversary!!!

  5. Happy anniversary, and thank you for your kind comments on Twitter. I found out today that I am losing my job due to the election loses, but I'm still trying to stay positive. After all, getting upset just makes things worse.

  6. Happy 7 months!!
    Have a fabulous time in Florida. :)

  7. Anonymous4/11/10 17:30

    Oooh Florida! Not at all jealous... honest!

  8. your honeymoon recaps are going to make me so jealous! Looking forward to meeting up again.


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