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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Although I revealed what I was going to use for my old, new borrow & blue here, I wanted to show you the actual items from the day.

Something old...
My Grandmothers sapphire ring. {My sister is also going to wear it at her wedding, which is just 46 days away!}

Something new...
My dress.

Something borrowed...
My mums wedding garter. {My sister is also going to borrow it.}

(Garter images by me)

Something blue...
'I Do' rhinestones on the bottom of my shoes.

and a silver sixpence in your shoe.
My aunt gave me a sixpence at my hen weekend, which came in a little box with the traditional rhyme on it. I stuck it inside my shoe with sellotape so it wouldn't move around. {My friend Helen used it at her wedding in Italy in August too, as her something borrowed.}

(Sixpence images by me)

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders, unless otherwise noted)


  1. I do happen to love a sapphire ring!

    Why have I not thought about the old saying? Crumbs!

  2. Love them all! Perfect choices!

  3. Anonymous4/11/10 17:28

    I adore the 'I Do' on the shoes... think I may have said that already :) I didn't know about the sixpence thing! What does that mean?

  4. I love the sapphire it is beautiful and that your sister is getting to share so many of your details. I didn't have a six pence although my parents produced a thrupny bit (not sure it has the same significance) unfortunately I forgot it so it spent the day in my bedside cabinet.


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