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Its my nephew Enzo's 1st Birthday today; cant believe how quickly this last year has gone from when I posted this last year!

(Image from here)
(Image from here)

We spent last weekend down in London to celebrate since we were off for the Scottish monday holiday and had a birthday lunch for him on Sunday. For his birthday we got him a toy garage, a talking Yojojo Waybuloo, a number 1 t-shirt and the balloons above. We are going to see them again in just 3 weeks when we all go to the Norfolk Broads for a week.


  1. Happy Birthday to your nephew!
    Time flies, doesn't it??

  2. I love those giant balloons!

  3. Anonymous28/9/10 19:04

    Happy birthday to Enzo! ;) What's a "talking Yojojo Waybuloo"???

  4. Aww happy birthday Enzo, my friend's wee boy turned 1 on Sunday, can't believe it has been a whole year. Just seen some new pictures of my nephew on Facebook and I'm desperate to get up north and see him. They change so quick.


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