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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Photographs - Guests & Family

We headed outside to start the photos, the first of which was the big guest group shot as we figured that afterwards everyone else who wasn't family or the bridal party go back inside and enjoy the canapes or go and check in to their rooms if they were staying. I thought we had communicated our request for everyone to be there beforehand but somehow we were missing some guests, mostly Grahams family! Anyway, we got some shots which all turned out great and I love how we can see everyone who was there.

We were supposed to do our full family shots next but as some of grahams were missing we got all of my family together first then started on the other family photos we requested. First with our parents, then my parents & sister, Grahams parents & sister then Grahams grandparents. We also got individual ones with my parents then my sister, her fiance & my nephew, then with Grahams parents, then Grahams sister & her boyfriend followed by the grandparents. So many of our guests were also taking photos of us at the same time so there were cameras going off everywhere! When some of the rest of Grahams family returned, we took their family photo. I wont bore you with them all but here are a few of our posed shots.

L-R: My parents; my sister, her fiance & my nephew; Grahams parents; Grahams sister & boyfriend

L-R: My family; Grahams family

{We still never managed to get the whole of Grahams family together at the same time as his aunt had to drive all the way back to Haddington to pick up the car keys that Grahams dad had forgot to bring! Since all of their stuff to stay over was in the back of the car and they needed to get home the next day, she chose to go and get them before she wanted to have a drink! We did manage to get a photo later with the missing aunt!}

Although we couldn't always get my nephew Enzo to look at the camera, since there was so much going on for him, we did manage to get some lovely photos of him, and also when he gave me a gorgeous ceramic horseshoe. He is so cute and is going to be 1 in just 3 weeks!

While we were all outside getting the photos taken, the other guests were either watching and taking pics themselves or inside where it was slightly warmer enjoying the drinks and canapes. Since we were so busy outside we only got to try one of our selected canapes and that was only because one of the waiters specifically came to find me and Graham. We had the smoked salmon which was lovely but we were told by loads of guests that the quails eggs and the mini yorkshire puddings were gorgeous!

Then it was time for a few bridal party photos...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Your photographer is to die for. I love this idea. Wish it wasn't raining on our big day!

  2. These are fabulous, and Enzo is a real cutie!

  3. We had problems getting everyone together too, and at one point I had to get on the mic and command people to be in one spot for the photos!

    My favorite is the one of you and Graham kissing and everyone looking. :)
    The colors are really rich too, they are lovely portraits.

  4. Your nephew is adorable! And we too only got to try one thing from our cocktail hour, because we were too busy taking pictures the whole time.

  5. The last photo is completely adorable!


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