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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Photographs - G & G

When it was time for photos of just us, we started against a wall, headed to the trees, had a pit stop to put my wellies before moving amongst the daffodils then we finished at the large tree in the middle of the grounds! We have so many fabulous photos from this time that I wont bore you with them all, but will just show a few from each location!

My favourite photo of Graham

We got this photo framed from our photographers, and I love it; Its not actually up on the wall yet though!

The wellies come out!

My favourite photo of me and the one at end is supposed to be us being serious!

It was definitely starting to get a bit cold by the time we finished taking the photos; we had asked that the guys in kilts and all my friends would be waiting ready so there were loads of people watching for the last couple of shots. At the start of the photos I think we were both a little unsure of how to pose etc but think all the shots turned out well. There was a funny moment when the hotel coordinator was following us around with a walkie talkie; he was telling the team looking after the other wedding {in the other function suite they have there} that we weren't in front of the main house anymore so that the other bride could come around. For some reason they didn't want us to see each other! They must have done well because I never saw her all day although some of the guests did.

Then it was time to take photos of the kilts and my girls...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Great photos! I think it's great that they let you have your special day without being around the other bride. I once went to a wedding at a huge "wedding factory" out here, and at one point, there were three brides using the same public restroom! I think seeing other brides really takes away from a bride's experience and takes her out of the moment a bit.

  2. the photos of you by the wall are amazing. seriously beautiful couple. love the smiles on your faces and the flowers!

  3. This photos are seriously tremendous. They're gorgeous. Great locations and backgrounds, as well as the obviously love you two have for each other, really made this photos perfect. :) (By the way, I'm in Edinburgh now, and LOVE it.)

  4. you are such a beautiful bride and your flowers are striking!!

  5. You have a dreamy wedding. I'm a beach girl at heart but if someone said I could of had a wedding like yours I would have been speechless. I know these photos/this type of wedding might be common to y'alls but I've never seen one so perfectly natural and romantic. I absolutely love it.

    Also, yes, I think its funny they keep brides away from each other. There were 3 or 4 weddings using our hotel as lodging our weekend and we saw the bride and groom the night before. It was cute, they wished us well and we wished them some good luck. I did, however, see the groom while I was in my dress and we all wished him good luck on his big day - I think being able to share in the bridal bliss could be a pretty cute thing if done well!

  6. Gorgeous photos!!! Love the wellies! xxx

  7. I am in love with your beautiful photographs. The colours are exquisite.

    You look amazing!

  8. Beautiful beautiful pictures of the two of you, Gaynor!! I love your venue!!


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