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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Speeches

Once dinner had been cleared it was time for the speeches. My dad was introduced first and gave a lovely speech about me with plenty of laughs included too. My dad is used to giving speeches for his work so it wasn't a problem for him; and now he has to start writing another for my sisters wedding in December!

There was also another surprise for me. Nearing the end of my dads speech, he mentioned this blog and the photo I had chosen for my profile picture. It used to show me wearing a tea cosy on my head in our first caravan {now its a wedding pic}, so he got my mum to knit a striped tea cosy in our wedding colours, purple & grey, that he could present to me. They had even put some stuffing inside so that it would stand up!

Then it was Grahams turn. He had been really nervous about his speech beforehand and I know he wished we had done them before dinner instead but he was brilliant when he stood up and started and gave a fantastic speech, saying lots of lovely things and also thanking our guests from coming, especially those who had come from overseas {we had guests from Australia, Hong Kong, Germany & Luxembourg, as well as England & Wales}.

As part of his speech he mentioned how funny it was that we had been in the same class in Primary School and here we were, now married, and told everyone to look at the photos which had been placed upside down on each table. It was our Primary 1 school picture and he asked if everyone could guess who we were. Some of our guests were also in the picture too! I think that most people managed to guess Graham but not many could find me!

Then it was the best man Andrews turn who again was fantastic. He had plenty stories about Graham to tell which kept everyone amused!

We had decided not to bother reading all the cards out since most of the people were there but we did get Andrew to read one card from my great aunt who was unable to make it to the wedding.

After the final toast, Andrew gave us his cue cards to keep as they had some funny cartoons on them too.

I absolutely loved all of the speeches and I'm so glad I asked my cousin to video them as otherwise I would never have been able to remember them all. Im also glad we did them after the meal, although Graham would disagree, as I felt it rounded off that part of day perfectly!

Then it was time to go and greet our evening guests...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Your toasts sound fabulous! I love the gift your dad gave you, plus the inclusion of the elementary school photo. Very fun!

  2. You can tell just by the expressions on everyone's faces that your speeches were good! How lovely of all of them to put so much effort in!

  3. Love the primary school photo idea, what a great way to entertain your guests. The speeches sound like they were fantastic.

  4. The speeches were the only part I wish we had a video of but I also got notes from each of the men.

  5. The speeches sounded like they were wonderful! And that was so sweet that you got a tea cosy in your wedding colors!

  6. you look so happy! so nice to have all the toasts on video.

  7. Oh that tea cosy is so cute and special. Your photos are all so lovely - you can feel the emotion


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