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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Piped Entrance & Dinner

Once all the guests were seated inside the ballroom the doors were closed and the top table, minus me & Graham, lined up behind the piper. The doors were opened, the top table was announced then they followed the piper inside and the went to the seats while all of the guests clapped.

The piper then came back outside the room where we were waiting to prepare to pipe us in as Mr & Mrs! He chose a tune, we were announced then we made our way to our seats in the middle of the top table. After giving the piper the traditional dram of whisky, we took our seats. It took a while to get me and my dress sorted but finally we were seated!

Then dinner was served and it was all gorgeous and just as nice as we remembered from the tasting; everyone said afterwards that it was some of the nicest wedding food they had ever had and I dont think there were many leftovers! To start we had galia melon with lemon & basil sorbet, served with a pink peppercorn & cointreau syrup; followed by chicken breast stuffed with a smoked applewood cheese mousse wrapped in paper pastry, served with an arran mustard & tarragon sauce; then sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce & vanilla ice cream to finish.

Once dinner had been cleared away, they poured the champagne and it was time for the speeches...
(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Ok, now I'm officially hungry! Your dinner sounded so delish!

  2. The piped entrance is such a great idea, and your meal sounds fabulous!

  3. Yummy, we were piped about the place it does give a sense of ceremony doesn't it.


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