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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Photographs - Girls & Kilts

Our final photos outside were Graham with all of the guests in kilts and me with all of my girls together. There were loads of guys in kilts as you would expect in Scotland, and even a couple of kids in kilts too! There are some normal, some silly and even some running shots!

Then it was time for me and my girls to get some photos and again we had some normal and some silly which I think are some of my favourites!

We took the last couple of shots just as the rain was starting, then we headed inside and I was finally able to get a drink!

Then it wasn't long until the receiving line began...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. I love the kilt shots and the silly shots of you girls! Some of my favorite photos are also the ones where we're all laughing and just having fun.

  2. So many kilts! Loving your ladies striking a pose.

  3. I love the running kilts! Too funny!

  4. Everyone looks great! I love the running photos!

  5. Anonymous15/9/10 18:54

    Love the last pose ones and the running! Brilliant!! :D

  6. The running kilt shot is great and the ladies' outfits look lovely!

  7. Awesome awesome photos!! The one of you and your ladies are gorgeous!!!


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