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Wedding Gifts

As you know we had our gift list with John Lewis. We were very lucky to receive the majority of the items on our list. We were also given a lot of John Lewis vouchers; half of which we used to buy the remainder of our list so we ended up with everything we chose. We had the delivery arranged for the Friday after we returned from honeymoon on the Wednesday as Graham was still going to be off work. When we were stuck on honeymoon my dad phoned to cancel the delivery for us. The first Saturday we could then rearrange for was the 29th May, when loads of boxes appeared at my parent’s house so we could store them in their garage until we could unpack them.

Having lived together for three years before the wedding we already had a lot of everything. However most of it was fairly cheap from Ikea so we used our list to upgrade things like pots, pans, glasses, towels, bedding, bathroom accessories, bins and a new fancy Dyson ball vacuum! We also got a Wedgewood china dinner service and Robert Welch cutlery set which we would never have been able to buy ourselves. Linen wise I knew exactly what I wanted from working there (pima cotton towels & Egyptian cotton sheets) but we also got some of Orla Keily's new range of bed linen & towels as you can never have enough of either!

L-R: LSA Moya Goblets; Wedgewood Signet Platinum; Orla Keily Stem Jacquard Towels
(Images from here, here & here)

To make sure we had a large range of gifts and prices for our guests to choose from we also added some more interesting items including a large black glass vase, a clock, an acrylic magazine rack, a door stop, the loop candelabra & the loop flower vase and the Lonely Planet Cities book.

L-R: Flower Loop Vase; Karlsson Wall Clock; Loop Candelabra
(Images from here; here & here)

While we have had the Dyson at the flat for ages, we only just unpacked the dinner set & cutlery a couple of weekends ago. We still have two boxes to unpack in our flat and the last one at mums with all the glasses in it! Ive only just put the hand towels into the bathroom, on one shelf of our new bathroom organizer, as they are just for display really, not actually for using!

As well as the rest of our list, we used some of our vouchers to buy new 4-wheel hand luggage suitcases, framed prints of the Empire State Building & the Chrysler Building, kitchen scales & utensils and some cushions. We still have some vouchers left and are considering a rug or keeping them until there is something else we need. Some of our guests gave us money so we could choose what to buy but so far we have only used that for the album cover and a food mixer.

As well as the gift list, the vouchers & money, we were lucky enough to receive lots of other lovely gifts, some chosen especially for us. One of my friends is an artist and she gave us a lovely painting of our wedding venue, Norton House. Another friend bought us the Habitat ribbon lamp in purple I had been looking at for ages and we also got a fabulous Sony digital photo frame. I added all of our professional wedding photos onto a spare memory card to put into the frame which runs on a slide show {when I remember to turn it on!}. Four of the frames I’m currently using to display our wedding photos in were gifts as well, which was good as we never added any to our list.

Habitat Ribbon mini table lamp
(Image from here)

We also received items from friends of my parents and grahams parents who weren't invited but who very kindly wanted to give us a gift. We got a vase, cocktail glasses, towels, some cutlery and even a slow cooker. I have to admit that the majority of all of these gifts are spread between both of our parents houses until we make some space in our flat; we really should have done it before our first anniversary!

We were well and truly spoiled with gifts and all of our guests were so generous. I am so glad we chose to have a gift list as we now have some lovely things that we couldn't have bought ourselves and its lovely remembering who bought us everything, for instance my aunt & uncle bought us the full cutlery set and box while Grahams aunt & uncle then bought all of the additional cutlery we wanted to match.


  1. Very well chosen Gaynor, everything is modern but a bit classic, so you'll always love them!


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