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Framed Wedding Photos

As we originally found our photographers at the SECC wedding fair, they had an offer for a free 16” x 12” framed print. We chose the image they had put on our mini album covers which is one of the black & white images of us in amongst the trees.

The print looks fantastic in its black frame with the white mount and it will look even better when it’s finally up on the wall {hint hint G!} Our names and wedding date are on the mount as well.

They also gave us a 10” x 8” print of one of favourite photos which looks lovely in the black slate photo frame we were given as a wedding gift.

We have loads of other photos on display, including square black & white ones of us in the car and during the first dance; a square one of me & the girls laughing; one of us in amongst the daffodils, the full bridal party photo and the one of us against the wall. I have loads more printed out in square format that I’m planning to put in the purple frames we used for the table names at some point and we also have all of the photos on a digital frame that we got as a wedding gift.

We did get every single photo from our CD printed, all 596 of them, at 6” x 4”. Some of the kilt shots were long so I got each side printed separately which meant almost 600 photos! I found a large 300 print expandable album from WHSmith which I then added doubled in size by adding pages so that it held all of the photos.

The only problem now is where to keep this album as well as our main one!


  1. We also have tons of photos on display, and I have a separate album just like the expandable one you used. Your choices for the display photos are beautiful!

  2. Wow your house is full of pictures *heads off to buy photo frames*. We have a wall in our bedroom that we intend to make a photo wall - currently it has one lonesome thing on it.
    I'm so lazy about printing photos out.
    Sounds like you need a new coffee table to go with your albums :)

  3. Anonymous21/3/11 16:51

    Wow, you got so many good pics! It's nice to be able to have that many pics to display... especially so many with daffies in them too ;) The tree one is so lovely though.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. We have one from our wedding framed and atop the bookcase that is in place of a mantel in our flat. MUST DO BETTER.


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