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Honeymoon Week 3: Maldives - Food

Once we had moved our luggage to our new villa, we had some lunch in the main bar. We also made a reservation for Aqua for dinner. The island was quiet so we probably could have just turned up but we wanted to make we didn't have to eat at the buffet again. At our water villa we were much closer to the restaurants so could walk there in only a few minutes. This time I tried the seafood risotto, which was delicious, and we joked that we might get to try a lot more of the menu, depending on how long we were going to be there!

We ate once more at Aqua before we left, on what was our second last night, although we didn't know that at the time. I cant remember what we ate that night and I had obviously given up taking photos of our food by then!

Breakfast was the same as the previous week we just had to walk round to the main restaurant, which didn't take long. We kept seeing the same people who were also stranded every morning, everyone with different tales about when they may get home. We noticed some of the people who arrived at the same time as us had left so we assumed they must have been moved to different resorts, depending on their tour operator. There were newspapers to read in the morning as well, most of which just talked about the ash!

We were given a newsletter everyday which told you all about the island events. The previous week we had seen that a new sushi restaurant called Tsuki {which means moon in Japanese} was opening the day after we were supposed to leave, and we were a bit disappointed we wouldn't get to try it. It was located above the club reception, with Stars restaurant on one side and Stars bar on the other. We had seen them completing the renovations the few days before.

Stars, Club Coco Palm Reception & Tsuki
(Image from here)

Tsuki Restaurant
(Image from here)

Of course when we found ourselves still there, we booked a table for the opening night on Wednesday. It was the best sushi Ive ever had and despite Graham claiming to not eat sushi he really enjoyed it. We ate up at the bar so we could watch the chef making our sushi.

We went back again on our last night, the Saturday, and began our evening sipping champagne with canapes on the Stars bar terrace before going up to enjoy the delicious sushi. A perfect way to end our honeymoon.

When we left our residence, the manager there did say he would make sure we got a table at Stars {which is usually reserved for those staying there} if we wanted but we felt we had ate there often enough the first week. He was the one who let us know that the couple we met had been taken back to Male by their tour operator so we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. They also let us use the club car to get back from Tsuki to our water villa since it was at the opposite end of the island.

In the middle of our extra time we decided that we couldn't be bothered getting dressed up and going out for dinner again so we ordered room service pizzas to our villa. Despite it being the most expensive pizza we have ever had {$55} it was really delicious and nice for a change.

We were then finally put on a flight home...


  1. That food looks so freaking good.

    So freakin good.


  2. My mouth is watering from reading this!


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