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Our Wedding Album

The photography package we chose included a 16” x 12” landscape album with 40 pages / 20 spreads, by Bellissimo. We had looked at some album examples when we met them in the February before the wedding and decided to change it to a 12” x 12” square album with 50 pages / 25 spreads. Rather than having the photo cover, which was included, we opted for the engraved aluminium cover. It cost us an additional £70 and we were able to use some of the money we had received as a wedding gift.

Eva created a first draft of an album design to get us started back in May last year. Once we had received our CD of images, I swapped some around and made some changes to the layout before the design was finalised. This process did take a while and in the end we went through to their studio so I could see each page once the changes had been made. After deciding on the last spread we had two options for, we were finally happy and ready to order it by the end of July.

The album & prints we had ordered arrived on the at the beginning of August but the mini albums weren't in the first delivery so we waited to go and collect it. They ended up taking a lot longer so we went to collect the album & framed print on the 19th August.

I love our album; it tells the story of our day so well and I love getting it out to look at every so often. We just need to find somewhere to keep it! Each page is quite a thick board with lie flat binding which means you can see each double spread properly.

Our package also included 10 mini albums which are exactly the same design & layout as the main album, but they are flexible albums with an image on the cover & on the back.

The mini album is so cute; you can see how small it is against my iPhone above. Its really good as I can keep it in my bag to show off to everyone, much easier than taking the big album!

We gave one to my parents, Graham’s parents, my sister, Graham’s sister, Graham’s Nana & Grahams Gran then kept one for ourselves. We still have 3 left but haven’t decided what to do with them!


  1. I love it! We have a pro album and a longer Shutterfly album I created to tell the story in a lot of detail. I also love looking at mine every now and then!

  2. Oh Gaynor, it's beautiful. I really like the cover, and how it still has the black binding for the spine(it's like a very expensive hard back book is what I mean)!

    Did your album come in a box? ours is in a leather briefcase thing and then has a red drawstring bag that goes over it (inside it has the same red fabric as a book wrap). It sits next to our coffee table in Dundee. In Paisley we kept it on the bottom shelf of the coffee table because people asked to look at it a lot.

  3. @Lisa-Marie it came with a black leather {or leather look} box which is what we keep it in at the moment, currently sat on one of our dining chairs as we dont have a coffee table, just a nest of clear acrylic tables!

  4. Anonymous21/3/11 16:52

    I'm a sucker for the mini one especially! Handbag size ;)

  5. Anonymous25/8/13 03:29

    Do you remember how much your photography package cost from Craig and Eva? I love your photos, in fact I love all the wedding pictures they've done, but it's not easy to find out their price list online. They ask you to fill in the date of your wedding etc, but we don't have any that yet! We're just researching our options at this stage. x


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