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Honeymoon Week 2: Maldives - Relaxing

After such a busy first week in Sri Lanka, we spent every day in the Maldives relaxing at our residence. We had everything we needed there so there was no reason to leave.

L-R: Sunrise; Sunset

We spent lots of time sunbathing, reading or swimming, and generally doing nothing, exactly as we had planned. When the sun got too strong, with the Maldives being so close to the equator, we were able to relax in the shade, in the pool or inside the villa. We saw a few sunsets either from our villa or while eating dinner and I even got up extra early one day to watch the sunrise from our room. Hearing water all around was actually very relaxing and you didnt really hear it at night, except for our first night when it was really stormy.

The mini infinity pool was a must have on our list when we were choosing where to go in the Maldives and we used it all the time. While it wasn't massive, it was big enough to laze around in; there was always the sea if you wanted to swim properly! There was a massive infinity pool for all guests to use on the main island but we never ended up wanting to go there.

One of the main reasons I had always wanted to stay in an over water villa was so that we would be able to walk straight into the sea. While the water was actually quite deep at our villa, we were able to do lots of snorkeling. Our residence included snorkeling gear to use so we didn't even have to go to the dive centre to borrow any.

We bought an underwater camera to use while we were snorkeling so we could get some photos of all the colourful fish & us in the pool!

The only time we left our villa, apart from going for breakfast and dinner every day, was to go to the spa, which was actually really close to the residences. We were given accomplimentary couples massage since we were on our honeymoon, which was wonderful. Later on during the week, Graham had a Thai massage while I treated myself to a manicure.

Before we left, we also had to try out the massive double bath, which took an age to fill up! Since I had my camera out at every opportunity, I made sure our swimwear was still on! As you can see, I was able to use the timer function loads!

To get around the island, everyone staying in the residences had the use of the golf buggy's, which they called the club cars. They took us to & from the restaurants for breakfast and dinner.

There was usually one waiting at the club reception to take us then they arranged for it to pick us up at the reception after breakfast. One morning we chose to walk instead, which they thought was very strange! We only did it once though as Graham got a little burnt out in the sun too long.

The butler cleaned our room once in the morning leaving more water and changing the towels, then again when we were out for dinner, when they did the same and also left the island newsletter for the next day and turned down our bed. One evening when we returned from dinner, there was a surprise waiting for us. It was part of the honeymoon extras and he had asked Graham earlier for my name!

The island itself was beautiful, and the hundreds of staff members kept everything perfect for the guests, even going so far as to sweep the sand in the morning!

There were loads of fish you could see in the massive lagoon in front of our villa, some of which were fed by the island staff every day. We often saw small reef sharks on our way home from dinner and there were lots of stingrays too.

As well as all of this relaxing, we ate some wonderful food...


  1. Oh my gosh the Maldives look amazing! You both look so happy and relaxed - wonderful! x

  2. No please stop! It all looks like paradise!

  3. Wow! It looks incredible. I wish I was there right now! And that surprise decoration on the bed is awesome.

  4. Gaynor, I think we should all just move there, ok?

  5. Anonymous17/2/11 14:37

    Oh Gaynor... I may never speak to you again out of sheer jealously. Everything so blue and so sunny and so paradisey... so unlike Scotland huh? ;)

  6. We went snorkeling on honeymoon#1 but it was NOTHING like that. It looks amazing.


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