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Honeymoon Week 2: Maldives - Escape Water Residence

All of the Escape Water Residences are situated on their own away from the rest of the island and the other water villa's. The cluster of 24 villa's are connected to the island by a walkway above the lagoon.

L-R: Aerial View; Escape Water Residences
(Images from
here & here)

We stayed in residence no. 614, located at the middle of the left side above. Each residence is 184m² which is bigger than our flat at home, and everything about it was fabulous!

Inside the villa, the entrance hall led straight into the lounge area, complete with TV, mini-bar and views out to the ocean & our mini infinity pool.

The hall also led into the bedroom which had a huge bed and also looked out to the infinity pool.

The adjoining dressing area led to the massive bathroom, complete with a double bathtub, indoor & outdoor showers.

Outside, the private terrace had the infinity pool which was probably my favourite bit of the residence.

There were also loungers for sunbathing and chairs & a table for dining. The lower deck had steps directly into the ocean.

From our fabulous villa we spent the week relaxing, sunbathing & snorkelling...


  1. OMG it looks amazing!! I would love to stay in one of these one day ;)

  2. How awesome! I have always wanted to stay in one of these!

  3. Serious paradise (I find it hard to read your honeymoon posts because I am so incredibly jealous!)

  4. This makes me grin big time - reminds me of ours. Good choice!

  5. So so soooooo beautiful! You've just triggered wonderful memories of our own honeymoon! Your bungalow was gorgeous!

  6. Ditto Anna, I'm so jealous.


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