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Honeymoon Week 3: Maldives - Water Villa

All of the Water Villas are situated beside the bigger Escape Water Villas {which was the villa type we should have had} at the opposite end of the island to our original residence, connected to the island by a short walkway.

Aerial View
(Image from here)

We stayed in villa no. 403 {which was actually the original villa we were assigned}, located near to the island end of the line of villas on the right hand side. Each villa is 109m² which is still probably bigger than our flat at home, and it was lovely, although it didn't quite match up to the luxury of our first week!

The door led straight into the main living & sleeping area which was one large room. The massive bed looked out to the deck and infinity pool.

At the back of the villa was the massive bathroom, complete with freestanding bathtub, indoor & outdoor showers. The bathroom could be open to the bedroom or could be closed over. Since the toilet and shower had their own separate cubicles, we usually left it open.

Outside the terrace had the infinity pool which just a little smaller than our first one.

There were also loungers for sunbathing and chairs & a table for dining. The lower deck had the steps directly into the ocean. Since the villa was really close to the island, the water surrounding each villa was a lot shallower than it had been at our residence.

We were so fortunate to get to stay longer in a gorgeous villa without having to pay anymore. If we ever go back to Bodu Hithi I would definitely choose one of the water villas again, although probably one of the escape ones. The only thing we didn't like about this villa was that the deck was always quite shaded in the afternoon which was because of its location on the sunrise side of the island and would have been fine on the sunset side. Of course, we had been thoroughly spoiled the first week.

Our few extra days meant more lovely food...


  1. What a great place to get stuck! Can I get stuck there tomorrow, please? :)

  2. I love looking through your pictures of your honeymoon! I've been so curious about other resorts there. I love the tub in your room and the infinity pool!


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