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250th post! Recent Etsy purchases 2

Whoop! I've reached 250 posts on my little wedding blog and I havent even finished my recaps yet!

I thought it was time to take a break from wedding recaps and share some of my recent Etsy purchases! Although I'm no longer looking for wedding related items, I still love browsing on Etsy. I wanted some new earrings so thought I would take a look and I ended up with a couple of pairs and a few other things!

Purple & Grey Pearl Earrings from seller Abacus Bead Creations
(Images from here)

White Gold Orchid Earrings from seller Delicacy J
(Image from here)

Grey Five Flower Cluster Pin from seller No Plain T's
(Image from here)

Deco & Filigree Snowflake Rubber Stamps from seller Norajane
(Images from here & here)

Set of 3 Manhattan 5x7 Prints by seller StudioKMO
(Image from here)

I love the earrings and the Manhattan prints; we just need to get a new frame so that we can get them up on the wall, along with our framed wedding print and the picture of our venue that my lovely friend did for us as a wedding gift.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am in love with those earrings! I adore pearls and anything purple, so I may just have to head over to Etsy and check them out.

  2. The second pair of earrings are beautiful! I shall have to have a look at her shop!

  3. Those second earrings are beautiful. Eeek I've been staying away from etsy for the sake of our bank balance.

  4. ooooh the stamps! I know I should be ooohing the earrings but I love those stamps and they're distracting me!! :D

  5. Brilliant purchases. I haven't made it past the wedding section of Etsy, and I think that if I did, it would spell disaster for my poor, creaking credit card.


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