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6 months!

I can't believe we have reached half a year already!

We have had another busy month and we are going to continue to be busy until Christmas! I spent most of the start of the month making my sisters wedding invites, which I took down when we went to see them all in London for my nephews birthday. I wanted to finish my wedding day recaps before 6 months but I'm not quite there yet! I don't have many to go though and then I can tell you about our honeymoon, Helen's wedding, our trip to London and Ashleigh's invites!

This weekend we are in Sheffield visiting Grahams sister and her boyfriend then we are going to the Dunhill golf next weekend to celeb spot, then the following weekend we are going to the Norfolk Broads. I'm going to start planning Ashleigh's hen night too which we are going to have in November.

p.s I'm also going to start my countdown to Florida! We will be there in just 2 months!

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. 6 months already? It seems like yesterday!

  2. Congratulations! I know I'll be there soon, too!

  3. Ah Happy Six Months!
    Where will you be in Florida? I'm assuming no where near my neck of the woods, but I can still ask!

  4. Happy six monthaversary! Wow that time has gone quickly.


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