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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Cutting the Cake

Our cake had been on display in the ballroom during dinner with all of our bouquets around it. The G & G letters I painted were in the front of the cake and I think some of the good luck gifts I had been given were also on the table. The table was moved into the middle of the dance floor ready for us to cut it.

Once everyone was back in the ballroom and we were ready to start, we made our way over to the table. We chose to cut our cake at the start of our evening reception so that the evening guests would also be there to see it, rather than doing it before or straight after dinner.

We were told how to hold the knife {although in hindsight I think Graham should have also used his left hand} and then it was time to cut the bottom tier of the cake, which was made of fruit and quite hard to cut! We literally only made a small cut and then had to pose while the photographers and all the guests took loads of photos of us! There were flashes going off everywhere!

The cake was then taken away to be properly cut up by the hotel. Each tier was made of something different; a madeira sponge, chocolate sponge & the fruit cake, so they cut some of each to be served as part of the evening buffet. We kept the top tier which was also made of fruit and is still at my parents house. We are thinking of getting it out to eat soon although Graham isn't that keen on fruit cake!

Then it was time for our first dance...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Your cake was gorgeous! I love the idea of putting your bouquets next to it as table decor, they went beautifully with the purple details on your cake.

  2. The little lego pieces are so cute!
    ...and is that a band I see in the background?? Can't wait to see the dance photos. :)

  3. I love your cake and entire cake table! As you know, purple is my favorite. That last photo is so gorgeous, too!

  4. All those cameras - it is quite scary isn't it. Loving all your little details.

  5. WOW that last photo is AMAZING


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