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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Details

Time for some of the details from our day! Ive already written about all of the DIY items but here is how everything looked on the day!

The ushers welcomed everyone to the church by giving them an order of service. I ended up making too many of them but it was better than not having enough.

After the receiving line, the guests were able to look at the table plan to find which table they were sitting at, then there were table names on each table.

Once the guests had found their tables, the placecards indicated their seat.

The guests favours were placed beside the placecards. All of the kids also got Easter eggs we well as the box of mini eggs & a chocolate bunny that each guest received. We also had the menu's on the tables, which looked just like the order of services.

The G & G letters were placed in front of the cake, then there was the little Lego bride and groom on our cake. We had sugar flowers on the top of the cake but since we had a glass cube vase separating the top and middle tiers, the venue put the Lego people there on the middle tier, which I think looked great.

After dinner, the ushers started making their way around each table to take photos of all the guests and get them to sign our guest book.

I wasn't sure if people still gave out good luck charms to the bride but I got 4; the ceramic horseshoe from Enzo, an actual horseshoe which was also purple from my aunt Janice, a black cat from my cousin's 2 sons and a welsh love spoon from Grahams aunt Annette.

Then finally some of the decoration in the ballroom!

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders, last names smudged by me)


  1. I wish I would have followed your blog from the beginning. I absolutely love your wedding.
    I wish I was invited.

  2. The purple details make me smile.

  3. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! I'm with Hannah on wishing I could have attended! :)

  4. I love, love, love seeing all your details come together in one post like this!

  5. Ah, your details are so amazing. You did SO much DIY and it shoudl be motivating me to get started....

  6. Yay, you got your horseshoe! I remember you saying how lovely it'd be to be given a horseshoe.
    Still think all of your DIY is amazing.

  7. Anonymous8/2/14 00:13

    Hi! I've just come across your blog and it looks like you had the same colour bridesmaid dresses as I have. I've been struggling to find a matching colour ribbon and had also seen the blackberry colour that you'd mentioned. Did you find a match in the end and if so, please could you tell me where you found it? Thanks!

    1. Hi, unfortunately I could never find a great match and ended up using grey ribbon for some things instead; the purple ribbon I used on the invites we had found in New York. Hope that helps.


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