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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Our Gifts & My Jewellery

I have mentioned the gifts we got for each other before but hadn't shown any photos. Graham got me princess cut diamond stud earrings & a matching necklace to wear on the day. The diamond style matches my engagement ring. I did pick both the earrings and necklace!

You cant really see the front of my necklace in this pic but its the same size diamond as the earrings! As well as my engagement and wedding rings, I also wore the dark blue sapphire ring that my granny left me, which also served as my something old. I love that I can now wear my wedding jewellery all the time and I'm so glad I decided to go with something that I would keep rather than wear just for the day.

I got Graham a Tag Heuer watch that he has always wanted.He doesn't wear it to his work but otherwise uses it all the time. He also choose his own watch which I'm glad about as he went for a totally different one than he first wanted.

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. You gave each other fantastic gifts! I got Stephen a watch a couple years ago for his birthday.

  2. I like the idea of something you can wear on other days... gosh, I hadn't thought of gifts though... ekkk!

  3. Great gifts, especailly as they will last a lifetime. IB wants a watch, but he never wears one, so I'm not convinced!


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