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Baby Items 4: Cot

At the same time as we ordered the pram and car seat, Grahams parents very kindly bought us the cot we wanted.

We chose the John Lewis Olivia Cot in white and grey.

(Images from John Lewis)

We looked at quite a few cots but saw this one quite early on and didn't see anything else we preferred or that felt as sturdy. I also liked the fact it has a drawer underneath. We chose to just get a cot, rather than a cot bed, since they are smaller and it will be used for at least a couple of years then we will just buy a junior bed instead. The cot also has 3 base positions which can be adjusted as the baby gets bigger. To go with it we ordered the coir spring cot mattress.

The cot is getting delivered along with the car seat in December when we can get it made up and then into the nursery. Hopefully all of the painting will be complete by then. Then we still need to get bedding, sheets and possibly a valance so that you cant see into the drawer when the mattress is at its highest position. However there is plenty time for all of that as the baby will be sleeping in our room in a moses basket to start with.


  1. I want to live in your baby's room. The cot is lovely!

  2. Hi there. You wound still have the instruction manual for this cot would you? A long shot I know. I just inherited the same one from my brother in law in anticipation of my first baby, but they've lost some of the screws and the instruction manual, and I'm having difficulty finding out what screws I need to get to replace them


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