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Baby Items 3: Car Seat

After choosing our pram, we knew we had to get a car seat that would fit onto the chassis with the additional adapters. We chose the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix car seat in black along with the Maxi-Cosi EasyFix base. Grahams parents generously bought us the full system.

(Image from John Lewis)

(Images from John Lewis)

Since our car has Isofix points I wanted to make sure we got a base for the car seat which means it will be a lot easier to take the seat in and out of the car, especially if the baby is sleeping. The car seat simply clicks into the base, rather than having to mess around with the seat belt every time.

The car seat and base are getting delivered to our flat in December so that we can install it into the car in plenty time for the baby arriving.


  1. This must be so exciting!

    (Given, all this baby talk is really scaring me!)

  2. just decided on our car seat this week, too. so nice...the store we got it from has a certified installer on staff so they put it in your car for you and make sure it's safe and secure (something i'm not sure we'd feel comfortable doing on our own!).

  3. The clicky in car seats are really good, so much less faff. Good choice G! x


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